I like blending my creativity and expertise to emphasise details or bring out the best in a person. At events, I seek to capture the essence of the celebration and focus on the distinctive details that make your occasion memorable and unique. I love brainstorming concepts and working with startups to highlight the most remarkable aspects that make a brand stand out. I also work on my own personal projects involving travel,  documentary photography, and videography.  


As every project has its set of challenges, I am flexible, cheerful and work with an infectious optimism that helps create a relaxed setting for a shoot. I excel at quickly building a warm and trusting rapport with my clients and can put anyone at ease. If you desire breathtaking images and an enjoyable experience, you are in the right place. Please do not hesitate to reach out – I’ll be more than happy to address any questions.

With everything visually driven these days, artistic photography has become even more valuable, and I am just the talented photographer that can bring your ideas to life! 
Hi there – my name is Milan, and I am a freelance professional photographer that can help enhance your business potential as much as I can create splendid memories to treasure. With several exciting projects under my belt over the past five years, I welcome anything related to events, portraits, commercial, and product photography. Regardless of the brief, I take pride in creating evocative and compelling images that frame a tender moment or portrays a product in a positive light. 

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