Milan (Yes, that’s right. Just like the place) specialises in commercial photography, allowing him to indulge his sense of creativity. An imaginative and professional photographer, revelling his instinctive concepts and eagerness to bring new ideas to the table, defines this ‘young’* photographer’s distinctive style. 

Bringing a friendly, approachable and optimistic attitude to every shoot, makes working with him a comfortable and enjoyable experience, with wholehearted faith you’ll receive slick, eye-catching and pleasing products at the end of it all.

Needing a change of scenery a young, whimsical 19 year old Milan set out to explore the world. A Czech Republican drawn to dreary, cold weather, whatever the season, set his sights on a mystical and magical land, also known as the United Kingdom. With his anorak in tow, he first began his wet, windy journey in Wales (he really must like rain), where he anchored himself in Cardiff, studying photography at the University of South Wales until 2018. 


He finally decided the weather of Cardiff was a breeze and was hungry for more, so with his waterproof trousers and wellies ordered, he moved up north and said a gloomy and rainy Ahoj! (That’s Czech for Hello) to Manchester. 


Moving away from the land of his mother tongue, Milan has an acquired appreciation for culture, travel, individual confidence and professional vision. As well as an entire additional language under his belt. That’s a good 50,000 extra words! 


Here to develop his craft, share his skills and work with an array of individuals and businesses. If you’re interested in working together after this incredible ‘about me’ blurb, why not pull up a chair, grab yourself a cuppa and click that ol’ contact me button.


*Clinging onto the ‘Young’ element by the skin of his teeth